Aiming to create growth and enthusiasm!

For us, problems are not just problems, but rather opportunities for development and success. In addition to our robust business expertise, we have the ability to foster a good spirit and an inspiring atmosphere, even in the most acute situations. With us, you will experience an inspiring, cheerful, and a productive work culture that will genuinely add value to your business.

Futures Fitness through proactive strategy

Is your strategy fit for the future - will you still be in business in 5 years? Do you need radical reforms or just fine tuning? Are you systematically following changes in other business areas and reflecting on how these impact your business?

Futures Fitness involves envisaging multiple alternative futures and developing the capability to implement the desired changes and to renew the business at the operational level. Our Futures Fitness model helps you build future strategies, develop systematic and agile foresight to support future strategy work.

  • Future-oriented strategic processes to ensure success.
  • Challenging management teams to develop future strategic leadership.
  • Standalone foresight workshops, for example, for corporate development events.
  • Tailor-made keynote speeches.

Change Fitness: customer and employee experience as a driver of change

Do you want to be an active creator of the future or just follow the changes and developments from the side lines? How does your organisation feel about change; do you think that you may have rutted in familiar practices? Do you recognise the changing needs of customers and how do you develop genuinely customer-oriented services and products?

Change and the way things get done involves everyone from the coffee machine to the board room, that is, it requires the whole staff’s attitude, enthusiasm, and capability to change. Change fitness is both an individual's ability to renew and change his / her actions, as well as the organisation's vision and flexibility to allow changes to be realised.

  • Enthusiastic change training for management and the entire staff
  • Participatory workshops to develop customer and employee experience.

Innovation Fitness: Continuous renewal of business

Does your organisation allow space for ideas and a place to safeguard new ideas? Can new ideas be processed and refined into future business activities, models, products, and services? Do you experiment with new ideas in practice?

Ideation is often not a problem in and of itself, but few ideas can be directly implemented in the business. Ideas need to be refined and enriched, and it is good to utilise larger groups. Experimenting with new things in practice is also an important part of innovating.

  • Change training to develop a company's innovation culture.
  • Functional innovation workshops to develop new business.
  • Ideation workshops to generate and refine new ideas.