The SHIFT Business Festival


Starting point 
The international, two-day The SHIFT business event brings together growth companies, investors, and influencers. The event is mainly put on by an organisation of volunteers. The volunteers and the high annual turnover of workers are a challenge, especially for management and for building a business culture. The goal of The SHIFT to double the number of visitors from the previous year.

What was done? 
We challenged the top management of The Shift and the volunteer organisation by holding a series of workshops. Among other things, the workshops created a spirit of community by encouraging volunteers to find their own strengths and therefore achieve their sales targets and implement a professional event. After the event, feedback was collected of what went well and what did not go so well. This was done to ensure the transfer of good practices to future events.

What was accomplished? 
The business event exceeded its visitor target and the arrangements worked very well. The feedback from the event was excellent. Also, Great Minds received excellent feedback from the management and volunteers and we will continue to develop the 2018 business event.

Sini Toivonen, Head of Sales

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