Family First Oy


Starting point
Family First is a start-up company that renews well-being at work. The aim of our co-operation was to clarify the company's future vision and goals and to concretise the growth objectives and measures for the next three years.

What was done? 
During the three half-day workshops, we developed, in addition to the objectives, business know-how and a revenue model. The Future Platforms tool was used to help outline the future operating environment.

What was accomplished? 
As a result of the work, the company's focus was clarified and the next steps became concrete.

“Co-operation with Great Minds was very rewarding and eye-opening. We had a lot of developmental discussions and were able to look at many things with a critical perspective. Niko and Kirsi are not afraid to say things out loud and this was especially relevant to us. As a fast-growing and evolving company, we did not want Yes men, but critical, courageous, and out-of-the-box thinkers.”

Susanna Mustajärvi, Family First Oy, Managing Director

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