We want to create growing and inspiring businesses of the future

Our dream is to help growth companies realise their dream!

Great Minds is more than just a company, it is an attitude and a unique approach that combines us. We believe that humans have enormous potential that can be unleashed when they can work on things that are relevant and significant. At Great Minds, we have extensive and varied experience developing businesses in different fields and working with different business phenomena. To develop our customers' business activities, we leverage content from our own experiences and create new ideas and insights through co-operation.

We challenge basic assumptions and implement changes to everyday business

At Great Minds, we specialise in strategy development and business training. We are here to develop your and your organisation’s future capabilities and strategic thinking. We widen your perspective, shake your basic assumptions and give you the tools to implement a new innovative approach. To succeed in a changing world, a company must be able to strategically renew itself and implement changes throughout its activities, often at a rapid pace.

At this very moment, digitalisation and technological development, for example, is radically changing and challenging the activities of organisations. We believe that man and technology, together, make an unbeatable combination. This change should be carried out in such a way that the strengths of both are utilised and processes are renewed from a customer driven perspective.

We implement solutions that look and feel like our customers

We partner with our customers and purposefully challenge them at the most appropriate level and scale. We coach, consult, facilitate workshops, act as members of our customer’s management teams, and give tailor-made keynote speeches.

Take a look at what we do and see how we can help your business. Concrete examples of customer projects can be found on the Customer Stories page.